yrec has very strong technical resources in the field of geology and is capable of performing geological investigation, geotechnical investigation, geotechnical designing and monitoring, hydrogeological investigation, underground water resource assessment, electric power engineering investigation, long distance pipeline projects investigation, railway engineering investigation, highway engineering investigation, bridge-cum-tunnel engineering investigation, hazard assessment for geological disasters, etc.


yrec is well equipped and staffed for exploration. our available techniques in this field include directional weak foundation interlayer coring, thick quaternary overburden sampling, advance sand sampling, international pneumatic spt technology, sm rubber wall sampling, triple-deck single-acting interclay coring, and gin grouting, large-diameter diamond (1000mm) core drilling technology, deep overburden drilling, etc. yrec has self-invented general borehole water pressure tester, tubing socket, water elbow, orifice sealing device and other practical devices.


yrec has advanced prospecting equipments, owns qualification certificate for engineering pile dynamic test granted by the ministry of construction, and grade i certificate for engineering foundation pile testing granted by provincial department of construction of henan. the company has capability and rich experience of undertaking the geophysical prospecting, civil engineering quality inspection of large and middle-sized water conservancy and hydropower projects.


our technical staff has developed china's first large-diameter full-hole-wall optical imaging system, and successfully used in the digital image acquisition of guxian dam project large diameter drilling.


yrec has 54 sets of various gps receivers and 47 total stations including intelligent type, total station, 10 high-precision digital water levels, and 100 data editing workstations, 40 full-digital camera and survey systems, and a passel of aero-photography, scanner and plotter. it obtained grade i qualification certificate of survey and mapping in 1995, and grade a qualifications for geo-survey, aero-photography and survey, tele-metering, engineering survey, deformation monitoring, cadastration, house property survey, map compilation and printing and gis, etc.


yrec is well staffed and equipped for performing laboratory test of rock foundation, civil works and building materials, as well as engineering quality inspection, indoor air quality measurement, construction safety monitoring, and environmental monitoring, etc., and with the well-equipped and advanced testing equipment and automated data acquisition system, it has national qualification certificate for measurement attestation and grade a qualification certificate for quality inspection of water conservancy project.