yrec has completed hundreds of overall river basin development plans, case-specific plans, and large and middle-sized water conservancy and hydropower project plans of yellow river, tarim river, heihe river and qinhe river, covering a total area of some 3 millions km2. these have made great contributions to the sustainable development and the healthy life of the yellow river.


yrec has acted as the design-based prime contractor of many water and hydropower projects, water supply works, industrial and civil buildings, and power transmission facilities.


yrec has provided design services for the construction, environmental planning and engineering design of a large number of water and hydropower projects, industrial and civil buildings, thermal plants, power transmission works, municipal works, and traffic facilities of all levels in 21 national engineering designing industries. we also provide safety monitoring services of those projects.

yrec has provided consulting services including preparing project proposals, feasibility study report, assessment consultation, engineering designing and capital petition report.

yrec has undertaken amount of supervising tasks for project construction, environment planning, and equipment manufacturing, in water conservancy and hydropower, civil engineering, thermal power and transmission, municipal facility, and transport system.

yrec has completed dozens of plans, surveys and studies in environmental engineering, water and soil conservation, and environmental protection.

virtual 3d techniques are employed to demonstrate the lower yellow river flood control project visually, vividly and systematically. gis, dps, gps, rs and other modern techniques are used to collect spatial data from the yellow river, for the purpose of developing application system by means of data transmitting, storing, maintaining and updating.