yrec has provided survey, design and consulting services for menda reservoir in vietnam, mengkuang dam heightening project, and other projects in tajikistan, uzbekistan and nepal, etc. yrec is widely appreciated for our high level of skills and good faith in services.

mengkuang dam heightening project in malaysia

the following pictures are about the dam site, water and flood building, and on-site investigation of mengkuang dam heightening project.

menda reservoir in vietnam

the following pictures are about the contract signing ceremony, dam site, perspective view, and on-site investigation of menda reservoir.

ot water supply project in mongolia

yrec was the main design unit of the mongolia ot water supply project. during the designing process, yrec has well played its advantage technology of designing, organized a talent project team including 5 domestic and international companies and colleges, and finally completed the designing task with high quality and won the full praise of american fluor company and the project owner.

sk hydropower project in pakistan

the construction of the project is managed by yrec. sk hpp is located in pakistan's khyber pakhtunkhwa province and designed as a high-head impulse hpp with a highest net head of 910.85m, a total installed capacity of 873.5mw and an annual power production of 3170gwh.