xiaolangdi multipurpose dam project

according to the yellow river master plan, xiaolangdi multipurpose dam project is the key project for flood and sediment control in the middle reach. it is included in the most challenging dam projects in the world by local and international experts for its complicated geological conditions, special water and sediment regimes and strict operation requirements. the maximum dam crest level is 160 m, with a total storage capacity of 12.6 billion m3, an installed capacity of 1800 mw, and an annual output of 5.8 billion kwh.

the project is partially financed by the world bank, it was also the largest water conservation project using foreign capital in the year. the procurement of the main civil works is conducted following international competitive bidding procedure; the estimated cost of the project totals rmb 34.746 billion yuan. construction of the project exercises owner responsibility system, engineer supervision system and contracting system through competitive bidding. the involvement of international contractors makes foreign advanced technology widely used and play in the construction of the xiaolangdi project.

over several decades, yrec engineers and staff members have exerted redoubled efforts unremittingly in exploration survey and design of xiaolangdi dam project. in order to achieve development objectives, yrec technical panel overcomes a series of major technical problems, uses a large number of new technologies for engineering design on the basis of summing up the engineering practice at home and abroad, and sets a number of world records and china's first which epitomize the strength and design level of the company. yrec has won wide acclaim and praise from counterparts at home and abroad.


full view of xiaolangdi multipurpose dam project


water and sediment regulation of xiaolangdi dam


underground powerhouse

xixiayuan dam project

this project is located on the mainstream of the yellow river, 16 km downstream of the xiaolangdi dam project in henan province, with a total storage capacity of 162 million m3, a maximum dam height of 21 m, and an installed capacity of 140 mw. it is one of the series of dams from sanmenxia to huayuankou, and also a counter reservoir of the xiaolangdi dam project.


xixiayuan dam project

hekoucun reservoir on the qinhe river

the reservoir is located about 9 km upstream of wulongkou, the mouth of the last gorge on the mainstream of the qinhe river, with a catchment area of 9,223 km2 above the dam. the project functions are flood control, irrigation, water supply and power generation. it is an important part of the lower yellow river flood management system.


general layout of hekoucun reservoir

guxian reservoir

guxian reservoir is located in luoning county in the middle luohe river, a tributary of the yellow river, with a catchment area of 5,370 km2 above the dam. the reservoir structures include a dam, powerhouse and associated discharge complex. the concrete gravity dam has a maximum height of 125 m. the first objective is flood control, though irrigation, power generation and water supply are also taken into account.


guxian dam

sanshenggong dam project

sanshenggong dam project in inner mongolia is the only water barrage on the mainstream of the yellow river, and was ever the largest one in china at that time.


bird's eye view of shanshenggong dam project

dongzhuang dam project on the jinghe river

dongzhuang dam project on the jinghe river in shaanxi province is an important control project in the weihe river basin flood control and silt reduction system approved by the state council. the complex reservoir is an important tributary in the yellow river water and sediment regulation system. it is one of the 172 key water saving and supply projects identified by the state council. the complex is termed grade i large-scale (1) project with 3.276 billion m3 total reservoir storage, 2.053 billion m3 sediment detaining storage, 430 million m3 flood control storage and 578 million m3 regulation storage. the complex dam is concrete double-curvature arc dam with 230m maximum height and 110mw installed capacity. total time for completion is 95 months and it is expected to be completed and put into operation by 2025. among the total estimated investment of rmb 15.434 billion yuan, rmb 7.088 billion yuan will be from the budget of the central government based on price quota of national development and reform commission (ndrc). it is the largest water resources project in shaanxi province in terms of investment on individual projects and known as the province’s “three gorges project”.


dongzhuang dam project on the jinghe river

malianhe river complex in gansu

malianhe river complex is one of china’s 172 key water saving and supply projects. once constructed, it will play important role in mitigating the weihe river’s river course sedimentation in lower reaches, safeguarding regional water supply and promoting the revitalization, poverty alleviation and prosperity of old revolutionary base regions. the complex comprises jiazui reservoir on mainstream, yanwachuan regulation reservoir on tributary and water conveyance works. total storage is 479 million m3 in jiazui reservoir and 80 million m3 in yanwachuan regulation reservoir.

western rout of south-north water transfer project

western rout of south-north water transfer project is an inter-basin water transfer project aiming at transferring water from the upper yangtze river to the upper yellow river, and a strategic scheme to alleviate the water shortage in north and northwest china. in may 2001 the outline of western-rout scheme and planning of phase ⅰ was approved by the ministry of water resource. sufficient and detailed technical results have been obtained for the project.


schematic map of the western-route scheme


50-year anniversary of western-route scheme