first of all, i would like to appreciate the care and support to yrec from the clients and friends both in china and abroad.

always bearing in mind the grand mission of “being pledged to tractability of the yellow river”, daring to be first and overcoming adversity, generations of yrec people, in yrec’s 60-year development, completed hundreds of comprehensive and special plannings for the yellow river mainstream and tributary harnessing and development represented by the comprehensive planning of the yellow river basin, undertook the survey and design of many large-sized projects influential in china and overseas represented by xiaolangdi multipurpose dam project and west line of china’s south-to-north water transfer project. in the development and facing globalized market full of challenges, we have been striving for progress and extensive business with determination. yrec made outstanding achievements in diversified areas of business such as general contracting, project management, transport and municipal facilities, building, new energy, environmental works, ecological works, power transmission and rail transport works. yrec had remarkable performance in more than 30 counties in west africa, south america and southeast asia. in particular, with the completion and operation of ecuador’s coca codo sinclair hydropower project, the largest of its kind ever constructed by chinese company, “yrec” established itself as an international brand.

being a design consulting firm in modern service industry, yrec has always regarded technological progress and integrity service as life, committed to providing exquisite, excellent and leading technical service, met client’s need and beyond while shaping good service brand and prestige.

looking ahead and in the face of new situation and task of water resources and hydropower development as well as new opportunity and challenge in business transformation, yrec will continue being united, carry forward the good tradition, technology and brand advantages, take talents as first resource and innovation as first drive, client’s satisfaction as first standard, constantly progressing to the strategic objective of developing itself into an internationally competitive consulting firm and contributing more to china’s water resources and hydropower cause and the sustainable economic and social development.

we would like to join hands with you for progress, win-win and beautiful future!

communist party secretary, president:

zhang jinliang

july 2016