yellow river engineering consulting co., ltd. ('yrec' in short) was founded in 1956 and known as a survey, planning and design institute under yellow river conservancy commission of the ministry of water resources. yrec has developed into an integrated survey and design enterprise engaged in the businesses of river basin and regional planning, project survey, design, scientific research, consulting, supervision, project management, general contracting, investment and operation of projects. yrec is awarded over 10 high grade qualification certificates such as class a certificate for integrated engineering design, class a certificate for integrated engineering survey, class a certificate for engineering consulting, class a certificate for construction project eia, class a certificate for water resources and hydropower project contracting. being a national hi-tech firm, yrec has a nation-level enterprise technology center and the first post-doctoral scientific research workstation in china's river basin system.

yrec has completed hundreds of comprehensive and special planning for the yellow river main stream and tributary harnessing and development represented by the comprehensive planning of the yellow river basin. yrec undertook the survey and design of many large-sized projects influential in china and overseas represented by xiaolangdi multipurpose dam project and guxian dam project on the yellow river, middle line project and west line project of china's south-to-north water transfer scheme and sinclair hydropower project in ecuador. these projects are distributed in over 30 countries and regions worldwide. yrec also has outstanding performance in general contracting, ecological landscape works, urban transport works, rail transit works, building, environmental works, new energy works, power transmission, water resources information and construction supervision.

yrec has developed a quality and well-structured talent team in engineering practice. yrec has nearly 2000 in-service employees including one national engineering survey and design master, two "national new millennium million talent program"talents, six ministry of water resources' "5151 talent scheme"nominees, six henan province engineering survey and design masters, one ipmp certification appraiser, 35 experts entitled to the state council special allowance, more than 200 professorship senior engineers, over 600 senior engineers and more than 700 engineers. over 1400 registered engineer qualifications are acquired.

yrec has leading technical advantages in sediment design and application, water and sediment regulation technology, general utilization of water resources, joint dispatch of reservoirs, high dam and wide reservoir survey and design, high slope consolidation and treatment, metal structure and hoist design, complicated geotechnical foundation treatment, dike hazard detection and water resources information. yrec won more than 30 national prizes for progress in science and technology and national "four-excellence prizes" and over 200 provincial prizes for progress in science and technology and provincial "four-excellence prizes". yrec edited and co-edited more than 60 national and industrial standards and specifications. yrec has over 300 national patents including more than 100 patents for invention. yrec proves its remarkable technological capability and design performance in survey and design of water resources and hydroelectric works.

yrec adopts the management policy of "being people oriented, safe and green, advanced in technology, excellent products, service integrity and constant improvement"and is certified for quality, environment and occupational health and safety systems.

by providing services for the yellow river, throughout china and pioneering overseas in the new period, yrec will accelerate the development of "three drives", i.e., survey and design, general contracting and capital operation and build itself to be a national first class and internationally renowned consulting firm. yrec is pledged to the yellow river harnessing, development and protection and sustainable socio-economic development.